WFH job opportunities for women professionals up 22% in 2020, shows JobsForHer data

Mumbai: The Covid induced work from home milieu has prompted more companies to give a push to their gender diversity agenda, according to data from JobsForHer, an online career platform for women.

According to exclusive data from JobsForHer, the platform saw an increase in the demand for WFH roles across industries and top companies. The data shows a 22% increase in WFH job opportunities exclusively for women professionals in 2020.

“Gender diversity has become a key priority for organisations, and WFH is just a step in the right direction that can encourage more women participation in the workplace,” said Neha Bagaria, founder, Jobsforher.

The year witnessed an increase in women participation across industries. “It was heartening that corporate India stepped up its hiring game adapting to the new normal, thus creating more job opportunities for women across the country,” said Bagaria.

The platform recorded a 27% increase in demand by companies for women participation across industries in 2020 compared to a year ago.

The new postings opened up a world of opportunities for women not just in Tier 1 cities, but also those in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Opportunities for women in tier 2 and 3 cities went up by 25% from July to August, an indication that geographical boundaries are no longer a limitation for women to take up jobs, the data showed.

Overall, JobsForHer saw a whopping growth of 118% in the number of applications posted in 2020 compared to 2019.

As per a survey conducted by JobsForHer to understand how women job seekers are viewing this drift into online recruitment, out of over 1000 respondents, 90% of women were comfortable with the virtual hiring process because it saves time and is convenient.

JobsForHer recently announced the launching of the HerTech Academy in association with its knowledge partner Simplilearn. Through the HerTech Academy, JobsForHer aims to upskill women in technology to open a new world of career opportunities for women and encourage their participation in tech jobs in the future. The platform will also offer 101 full scholarships each month for women who enroll in the online programs.

“We have also understood the importance of networking for women leaders to rise in their career. The HerKey Club is one such initiative for women leaders from across the globe to get together and grow together,” said Bagaria.

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